The Inhuman Chronicles #3
First published November 2013
Second edition published January 2015

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There’s no easy way to say this...and believe me, I’ve been searching for one for days. So I guess I’ll just have to blurt it out: I’ve been seeing visions of my boyfriend’s brother, dead in my arms. (See? Sounds awful no matter how you say it.) I’m not sure how to tell Nathan about my visions, or even if I should. I’m afraid of how he might react. And besides, telling someone makes it scarier. Makes it real.

On top of that mess, a group of Guardians, protectors of the paranormal populace, just showed up. They have a dire warning for Luke, one that apparently involves matters of life and death, but refuse to tell the rest of us what’s going on.

And there’s yet another problem. Because the only way to fix things...yeah, it may be with the worst choice I’ve ever had to make—the death of one of my closest friends.