First published September 2013
Second edition published December 2016

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Seventeen-year-old Nick is a werewolf, and so is his older brother Craig. They’re two of the last werewolves alive in North America, and have been on the run for four years, struggling to stay one step ahead of the deadly Hunters. With armed goons following their every move, they can’t let their guard down, not even for a second. But there’s a problem…because even though Nick trusts his brother completely, Craig hasn’t told Nick everything.

Together, with help from their new friend Rose, Nick and Craig must fight for survival in a world that’s completely against their existence. Because the only thing stronger than hate, distrust, and betrayal is the bond of brother and wolf. 

What readers are saying...

"I have only just begun to read this book and was sucked in from the very beginning. In just the beginning of the story Ms. Hensley has managed to weave a very intriguing story line with the delicate and wonderful sort of detail that I love so much. From the very beginning the characters are compelling and leave me wishing for more…”
~Heidi Nicole Bird, author

"...The slight romance that occurs between Nick and Rose is amazing, and the way in which the relationship between Craig and Nick changes isn't too quick, which I enjoyed. Well done, Miss Hensley! I want to read more about these two!"
 ~Dominique Goodall, author

“I was seriously impressed with the writing ability of this young author. With a seamless flow, Caitlin weaves a desperate tale captivating the reader immediately. I love the storyline and the characters. Can't wait for her next book.” reviewer

As a preface, I'm not really into werewolves or vampire stories. They really aren't my thing. But I wanted to see what this book was about and I wasn't disappointed. Together Alone is a well-written story about two brothers who are both werewolves - the last ones on Earth. They have spent years running from hunters who were desperate to kill them. Who wouldn't run? I know I would be running and running as fast as I can. The only problem - they end up transforming and well, now I can't give it all away, can I?

Caitlin does a fantastic job keeping the reader interested in the story, wanting to find out what happens to these two men, I mean, werewolves. The writing is done well, the descriptions of the scenery, the action, all of it was done quite well. Most definitely will be recommending this short read to others and plan on reading other works by this author.

This book receives 5 of 5 stars!” reviewer

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